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Cuddle Mattress allows for comfortable sleeping


An American inventor may have found the cure to stop your arm from falling asleep when cuddling with another person. 

There's actually a scientific name for it, radial neuropathy, which is otherwise known as honeymoon palsy.

"I'm Mehdi Mojtabavi from Portland, OR. I'm an industrial designer and founder of gebi design, and I created the Cuddle Mattress," said Mehdi Mojtabavi, who is the inventor of the Cuddle Mattress. "I wanted to cuddle and I couldn't do it in regular beds."

The industrial designer moved to Oregon from Tehran in 2007 and designed a mattress that was essentially sliced into pieces. It makes it possible to slip your arm in between the slats and relieves all that cuddling pressure.

In 2007, the idea won a prestigious Red Dot award, which is similar to Oscars for designers. And suddenly, the Cuddle Mattress went viral.

Within a week of publication of the Red Dot award, Mojtabavi said his website had about 72 million web pages.

In April, Mojtabavi's dream finally became a reality. 

It was assembled in an Oregon warehouse. The first limited batch of 50 sold out immediately, and there's a waiting list of people who want one of their own.

While he was inspired to create the mattress to make snuggling with his wife more comfortable, he soon realized the Cuddle Mattress isn't just for cuddlers. It can also be a benefit to side-sleepers by easing their shoulder pain. 

The company got an email from a man who's had six shoulder surgeries. He thought the mattress could finally bring him a good night's rest. 

"This was not a fancy product anymore that you just want to cuddle, there was a medical purpose for it," Mojtabavi said. 

Now he is looking for investors and hoping to grow his small operation into one that can compete with the mattress big boys.

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