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Brand new meteor shower making debut Saturday


Tri-state resident will be looking to the skies on Friday night into Saturday morning as experts are predicting quite the light show.

There's a new meteor shower in town and it might even turn into a full-fledged storm. Early Saturday, the planet will pass by debris from Comet 209P/Linear. The dusty debris is what creates the meteor shower. Scientists believe the shower could produce three, four or more - possibly a few hundred more - shooting stars per minute.

North American sky-gazers will have the best views. The shower should peak from around 2 a.m. local time until nearly dawn.

Meteorologist Steve Horstmeyer says the skies will be mostly clear in the FOX19 viewing area during the overnight hours. It is recommended to anyone looking to view the meteor shower to get outside of city limits and other well-lit areas.  

Comet 209P/Linear was discovered in 2004. It will be about 7.6 million miles from Earth on Saturday. Next Tuesday, the comet will pass within 5 million miles.

The shower's name is a mouthful: Camelopardalids (CA-mull-oh-PAR-duh-lids). It's named after the giraffe constellation.



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