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Local VA patient shares experiences with care in the hospital system in wake of scandal


Numerous VA facilities are under investigation after complaints about falsified records and treatment delays have more than doubled in recent days. A spokesperson for the IG's office states that 26 facilities are being investigated across the nation

Steven Drennan is an Army veteran who uses the VA Hospital in Cincinnati for his medical needs.
"I've been coming to this facility for 15 years," said Drennan.
Drennan, like thousands of other servicemen and women, relies on the VA Hospital for healthcare. Deaths and delays in care are the focus of a scandal surrounding the hospital system.
To some degree, it's something Drennan says he's seen firsthand.
"The right hand don't know what the left hand's doing. You run into that all the time. You go into one person and get one bit of information. You go to the next person, you get something totally different," said Drennan.
He checked into the hospital in 2011 after having what he calls "severe pain."
"They let me go, wouldn't give me no pain medicine, and I'm still in pain every day.  About three weeks later I passed out. When I passed out, I could have died. Then they diagnosed me with pancreatitis," Drennan told FOX19.
Local U.S. Representative Brad Wenstrup (R), is a veteran of the Iraq war and is on a government committee dealing with veteran's health.
"Let's face it - If you were a private hospital, you wouldn't have a wait for patients to be seen.  You'd do everything you could to get them in. That's what we really need to work on," Wenstrup told FOX19.
A review of the system is underway and several VA officials are on leave.
"I want to know what is working. I want to know what is not working. I want specific recommendations on how the VA can up their game," President Barack Obama said earlier this week.
The VA Inspector General's office is investigating. They're looking at 26 facilities, up from just 10 last week.

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