Wife of Covington murder-suicide victim speaks out

A cross sits outside of the Covington Dairy Queen. (FOX19's Wayne Cross)
A cross sits outside of the Covington Dairy Queen. (FOX19's Wayne Cross)

COVINGTON, KENTUCKY (FOX19) - A Tri-State mother of four is dealing with unthinkable tragedy as she and her four children are left behind after a murder-suicide in Latonia.

Police said Sunday that Zuriel Turk opened fire on his children's stepfather, Mark Kroening, in the parking lot of a Dairy Queen as Kroening brought the kids for a visit with Turk.

Turk then turned the gun on himself.

"I have always feared this. I knew it would happen. I didn't know who would die. But, I knew that somebody would," said Amy Kroening, wife of Mark Kroening and ex-wife of Zuriel Turk.

With their stepfather Mark, Kroening's children were to meet up with Turk for a visit that turned into an abrupt call from an emergency phone her children carried.

"She called me from the emergency phone and she said, 'mommy,' crying.  I heard screaming in the background, 'Daddy shot Mark!' That's all I heard. I heard a bunch of screaming, and then I heard nothing," said Kroening.

Police said Turk opened fire.

"The kids said he just started firing. 8 or 9 shots. He just started firing," said Kroening.

As Turk fired, Kroening tried protecting the four children, all between ages 10 and 15. Turk eventually killed himself.

"Alex said, 'Mommy, he was protecting McKayla and he kept moving his hands like this protecting the kids that were in the back," said Kroening.

Kroening says Turk was court-ordered by Kenton County to have supervised visitation with the kids.

Turk kept a blog, and wrote accounts about the situation on papers that were eventually presented to the court. In both, he says his children had been kidnapped by Amy and Mark Kroening and that he only pays ransom to kidnappers, not child support.

FOX19 asked Kroening, "Do you believe, that at the end of the day, this could have been prevented?" She responded, "I do."

The statements posted online by Turk were dated about a week before the shooting.

Kroening was married to Turk for nine years. She was married to Mark Kroening for just 53 weeks.

None of the children in the car were injured.

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