Flash flooding hits all over the Tri-State

High waters on Whetsel Avenue in Madisonville. (Lisa Hutson)
High waters on Whetsel Avenue in Madisonville. (Lisa Hutson)

MADISONVILLE, OH (FOX19) - It was a quiet trickle of rain and running water on Whetsel Avenue in Madisonville on Thursday afternoon, a far different scene from what it was just hours before.

"I've never seen it flood like that before," said Dolores Johnson.

Johnson said in the 40 years she has lived on Whetsel Avenue, she had never seen a flash flood like the one she saw Thursday. "You couldn't get up. You couldn't go down. It was like muddy. You know when the Ohio gets muddy? It looked just like that," said Johnson.

A similar scene played out at Kenwood and Chandler streets in Madisonville with flooded streets, sidewalks and yards. Not far away in Madeira, roads closed due to dangerously high water.

"It's all cleaned up now but it was a beautiful monster. Let's put it that way. It was a beautiful monster earlier," said Matthew Johnson. He helped clear the debris in front of his grandmother's home.

"We actually have a picket fence, part of a picket fence that came out of the creek," said Johnson, who described the water as being about three feet deep.

It was a flash flood leaving almost as fast as it came and Dolores is hoping it doesn't come back.

"It was pretty scary but it was something to see. Even though it was scary," said Dolores.

Neighbors say they hope when the city cleans the creek that runs into Whetsel, it will clear up this flooding problem they didn't know they had until Thursday.

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