Cincinnati taking action against crime-ridden walkway

COLLEGE HILL (FOX19) - Residents in one Cincinnati neighborhood are scared for their safety because of an increase in crime on one nearby walkway.

The sidewalk is located in College Hill and it connects Granville Lane and West Galbraith.

Cincinnati city officials announced they will close and remove the walkway in the near future.
"Give us our street back," said Tom Gallagher.
Tom Gallagher lives right by the walkway and says robbery and shooting suspects use it as an escape route for crime that occurs at nearby businesses, and he's seen it all.
"You see someone run down the street and about 15 minutes later you hear the sirens and you end up with a sheriff's helicopter. I've had this happen or 45 minutes with the sheriff's helicopter probably looking for a perpetrator," said Gallagher.
There's even drug activity.
"They'd have the customers park down here and then they'd meet halfway on the walk to do the deal, all hours," said Gallagher.
There's been more than two dozen calls to police in the last year regarding criminal activity on the sidewalk near Granville Lane.

"This was my playground when I was a child, this street was full of children. I think people are more inclined not to let their kids out when there's nefarious activity," said Gallagher.
There are other similar walkways in this subdivision including one on Knollwood Lane, but Gallagher says they've already been shut down.
"This is now the last walkway so now all the traffic is funneled through our walk," said Gallagher.
Many of these neighbors are relieved and say it's not too often the city listens to concerned residents when it comes to these kinds of problems, but this time around their persistence paid off.
The whole sidewalk will be completely removed and they'll be seeding and mulching soon.
The city recommends that this land will be transferred to these nearby property owners with a permanent easement by Cincinnati Water Works.

City officials recommend that work on the walkway take place immediately.

Adjacent property owners are responsible for maintaining the space until the sale of the property becomes final.

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