Residents call flash floods ‘worst it’s ever been’

(FOX19) - The rain is long gone, and so are the flood waters from Thursday's storms and flash floods. 

Folks are left cleaning up mud and debris, and drying out their garages and basements thanks to all that water.
"It was just a mess," said Tangi Putman of College Hill.
Putman was getting her hair done in a beauty shop in Roselawn on Reading Road when the storm started. Before she knew it, the power went out and the water started to rise.
"It was just a flood.  The whole sidewalk.  The water came all the way up to the sidewalk.  I had to move my car," said Putman.
In Fairfax it was a much different, and much worse, story.
"This is what we go through every time it floods," said Fairfax resident Renee Bohlen.
A distinct water mark several feet off the ground on the block outside Bohlen's garage shows just how much water her neighborhood saw Thursday afternoon.  
"It goes straight down into our garage.  It goes into our basement and it continually happens.  It just doesn't stop," Bohlen said.
Firefighters walked up and down Fairfax streets with their hoses cleaning up what the water left behind, as residents were busy cleaning up their own property.
"This is actually the worst it's ever been since I've been here," said Larry Herlinger, who also lives in Fairfax.
Herlinger was at work when the storm came through.
"It was all the way up, just about all the way up my yard.  I actually had to jump the fence behind the neighbor's house to get back around to my house," Herlinger told FOX19.
For some of the Fairfax residents, Thursday is just another chapter in the same old story.
"It's kind of getting kind of old.  But, most of these people have lived down here for years and they're used to it," said resident Ryan McKenrick.
In 2001, flash floods in the same area killed Ronald Davenport, 48, and his 21-year old daughter, Anna.  They were trapped in the basement of their home as the waters came.  Their home, along with several others in the area, have since been torn down by the federal government.

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