City stands behind MSD director

Tony Parrott, File photo.
Tony Parrott, File photo.

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Cincinnati's Interim City Manager is defending the Metropolitan Sewer District Director, Tony Parrott, after county officials called for the MSD head's firing.

Hamilton County leaders claimed MSD had $87 million in budget overruns and called for management changes. Parrot has been with MSD since 2005.

In a letter to the county, interim city manager Scott Stiles said the allegations are not true and that Parrott will continue as director.

"It is difficult to understand why the County would so harshly criticize an organization that it has helped to shape. I firmly believe that the County is the recipient of substantial misinformation," Stiles said in the letter to Christian Sigman, a Hamilton County Administrator.

Although the county owns MSD, the city runs it, meaning only they would have the final say to fire Parrott.

The allegations come on the heels what city officials called 'Residencygate', a FOX19 Investigation into city leaders living outside of Cincinnati despite an ordinance that requires them to live within city limits.

Parrot had supplied a home address on Westwood Avenue, but FOX19's investigation found that address to be a vacant lot. Property records show he owns a home in Butler County.

Stile's letter outlines MSD's accomplishments and budget conservation. You can read the entire letter here: City Manager defends MSD

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