Hamilton County Prosecutor Seeks $6 Million

(AP) Hamilton County's prosecutor is striking back against a lawyer in his office who accused him of sexually harassing her. County Prosecutor Michael Allen is demanding in federal court that Rebecca Collins pay him at least five million dollars in damages - and says her lawsuit against him should be dismissed. Allen said in a court claim today that Collins tried to destroy his career over what he says was a consensual sex relationship between them. After Collins filed her sex-harassment lawsuit in August, Allen resigned as a delegate to the Republican National Convention, stepped down as regional chairman of President Bush's re-election campaign and withdrew as a re-election candidate for prosecutor. Collins' lawyer says the prosecutor should reconsider his claims because Allen was the boss who had a sex relationship with his employee. Collins' lawyer, Randolph Freking, said he is willing to try to negotiate a settlement of the dispute through any mediator that Hamilton County may choose.