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Cleveland Clinic tests promising new procedure for emphysema patients

The Cleveland Clinic has announced that they have an innovative new treatment for COPD/emphysema that is being tested as part of an extensive trial.

This new procedures involves doctors putting coils into patients' lungs.  The coils are said to be advantageous by sucking in the oversized lungs of emphysema patients and making it possible for them to breathe with more ease.

Cleveland Clinic doctors say that there are a few patients that have done really well.  Those patients have gone from being on oxygen 24/7 and barely able to talk without being out of breath to being able to spend time on the treadmill.

One of the biggest symptoms in patients with emphysema is that their lungs become hyper inflated, meaning that most of the time their lungs are too full with air.

This causes the diaphragm to have no room to move – making it very difficult to breathe.

Doctors describe the feeling as if each breath was taken through a small straw.

For years, an invasive procedure called lung volume reduction surgery was a way to treat some patients.

The surgery involves cutting out sections of the lungs to create more space.

This new method could potentially be less risky and more effective.

Doctors say using a bronchoscope, small coils are placed in the lungs, which restores elasticity – allowing the patients to breathe easier.

The coils are also said to reduce air trapping within the lungs – reducing hyperinflation and giving the diaphragm room to move.

This treatment has been done in Europe and has found significant improvement in patients' lung function and quality of life. 

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