Veteran fights for new flags outside US Bank Arena

Chadwell on Friday outside of US Bank.
Chadwell on Friday outside of US Bank.

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - There are few things more important to veterans who have fought for our country than the American flag.

James Chadwell, a Vietnam veteran, has been bothered by the worn out American flags flying outside US Bank Arena for weeks now.  He noticed the flags every time he attended a Red's game at Great American Ball Park this season. 

"They are ripped. The white is gray. It's disgraceful," Chadwell describes the flags. On Friday, he  brought his knife and ladder and proceeded to take matters into his own hands.

"I'm hoping that all I gotta do is take this one down and they'll be embarrassed and do the right thing," Chadwell told Fox 19 as he climbed up the ladder towards the flag pole. The police arrived shortly after Chadwell finished cutting down one of the old flags.

U.S. Bank arena says the flags are changed once every four months and would have been replaced in less than 20 days.

"I'm doing something ya'll should have done months ago," he said when confronted by U.S. Bank officials.

Police escorted Chadwell off the property and less than three hours later brand new flags replaced the old tattered ones.

"Memorial Day, one of the most sacred holidays in America where you honor the war dead was two weeks ago and those disgraceful flags were flying then," Chadwell said.

US bank arena says they are glad that Chadwell brought the issue to their attention although they don't believe his trying to cut them down was necessary.

They say they were aware of the faded flags and intended to replace them this month.

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