Police find grenade, drug operation in Loveland home

Bomb units respond to the home on Iroquios Drive after a grenade was found.
Bomb units respond to the home on Iroquios Drive after a grenade was found.

LOVELAND, OH (FOX 19) - Residents in Loveland were put on high alert when police found a grenade inside a home.
It all started Sunday morning around 6:30 on Iroquois Drive.
Police found the grenade in a second floor bedroom of the home along with other war collectibles. When police arrived at the home, they also found a
large drug operation.
Harry Nelson watched it all unfold as police cars and a bomb squad responded to 22 Iroquois Drive.
"There was a bunch of activity going on and just been sitting out here ever since," said Harry Nelson.
Police say a woman called 9-1-1 regarding a domestic issue. The man fled the scene before police arrived but after calming the woman down, they
found multiple marijuana plants.
"It was sophisticated enough to believe that they were growing this marijuana for something other than personal use," said Chief Tim Sabransky.
Loveland police chief Tim Sabransky says they obtained a search warrant and throughout the sweep of the home, they also found a replica hand grenade.
Not knowing if it was live or inert, they evacuated the home until the Hamilton County bomb squad could check it out.
"What we did was go house to house and advise all the residents on the street what we had found and said we would suggest that you leave the house.
You just can't be too careful," said Sabransky. 
Nelson says the grenade didn't bother him, but it's the drugs that are the problem. He says he's made multiple calls to police in the past about
drug activity at this home.
"I've asked them multiple times to put a patrol car or something on the street to kind of knock down the traffic that started happening ever since
they moved in. I was just more concerned about the kids in the neighborhood as they ride their bikes and live in a normal neighborhood. We shouldn't have to be scared about our safety," said Nelson.
"It's always disconcerting when it happens in a nice residential neighborhood. We never want that to occur but if we can put an end to it and make
an impact, especially for our residents, it's really satisfying," said Sabransky.
Police seized all the marijuana plants in the home. Chief Sabransky said they have responded to this residence before for domestic related issues, but it's unclear if the couple has any prior drug charges.

No charges have been filed at this point but police expect they will be in the next few days.

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