Trending today: Man loses fiance to 1980s arcade bedroom; Sir-Mix-A-Lot performs 'Baby Got Back' with symphony

Trending today: Man loses fiance to 1980s arcade bedroom; Sir-Mix-A-Lot performs 'Baby Got Back' with symphony
Photo via Chris Kooluris.
Photo via Chris Kooluris.

(FOX19) - While you were sleeping, the Internet never stopped. And it's amazing what the Internet comes up with.

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Miss USA viewers vote to #SavetheQueen

Miss Nevada was crowned Miss USA Sunday night. Nia Sanchez beat 50 other contestants earning the title of 63rd Miss USA.

And for the first time ever, viewers had a say in the outcome of the pageant by tweeting keywords and #SaveTheQueen.

The hashtag appeared on the screen next to the name of the contestants during the evening gown portion, prompting viewers to tweet the name of the state of the contestant they wanted to make it to the Top 6.

The person with the most votes by the end of the segment was therefore saved and earned the her spot -- who ended up being Miss Iowa Carlyn Bradarich.

The twitterverse also loved Miss Indiana Mekayla Diehl for her curvier than some bikini bod. She didn't make it out of the semifinals but certainly has a lot of new fans!

Man loses fiancé after turning bedroom into 1980s arcade

A cautionary tale of love, obsession and video games is being shared online.

Chris Kooluris was like any other 30-something New Yorker. He had a successful career in PR a great apartment in Manhattan and a loving girlfriend.

He moved in with his girlfriend and three things happened: He started feeling claustrophobic, he couldn't sell his old apartment and he started reading Ready Player One, a book about 1980s gaming culture.

Kooluris told the New York Daily News that the book just blew him away. So he did the only logical thing and spent $26,000 transforming the bedroom of his old place into the 1980s arcade of his dreams.

He said at first his fiance was supportive, but then the project started taking over his life. She refused to attend the launch party for this room and later returned the ring.


Sir-Mix-A-Lot takes 'Baby Got Back' to Seattle Symphony

Twenty years after Sir-Mix-A-Lot wrote "Baby Got Back," the song has become a classic. Even for those attending a performance at the Seattle Symphony.

As part the symphony's Sonic Evolution Project, which "seeks to bridge the gap between the classical style and seattle's rich culture of popular music," composer Gabriel Prokofiev wrote a brand new composition inspired by the posterior-loving rapper.

Sir-Mix-A-Lot asked a couple ladies to join him on stage -- and the certainly did.

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