City to pay impound fees for Bond Hill man's stolen car

Michael Clark's car sits in the impound lot. (FOX19)
Michael Clark's car sits in the impound lot. (FOX19)

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Cincinnati City Council members are proposing measures to protect car theft victims and they are starting by picking up the tab for a Bond Hill man's impound fees.

Michael Clark's car was stolen on March 14 and four days later authorities found it parked across town. Police realized it was a reported stolen vehicle and claimed they tried to get in touch with Clark.

Clark missed their call and authorities had the car towed to Russ Auto Body, a private lot contracted by the city due to full storage at Cincinnati City impound lot. It's been sitting there ever since racking up nearly $2,000 in fees.

Council members on Monday voted to pay the $2,000 to retrieve Clark's car. They said the city should not have a policy of making citizens pay fees on cars that were stolen through no fault of their own. Additionally, council motioned for alternative procedures to avoid levying a fee on victims of car theft.

Another hearing on the matter is planned where council said they will have a more general discussion on impounding and fees associated with stolen vehicles.

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