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Trending today: Amy Van Dyken, Abercrombie changes branding description & Weezer drummer catches frisbee mid-air

A fan video of Weezer drummer Patrick Wilson making a flawless frisbee catch mid-song is making the rounds online (YouTube/Dem Videos). A fan video of Weezer drummer Patrick Wilson making a flawless frisbee catch mid-song is making the rounds online (YouTube/Dem Videos).
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While you were sleeping, the Internet never stopped. And it's amazing what the Internet comes up with.

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Olympic swimmer Amy Van Dyken severs spinal cord

Six-time Olympic gold medalist swimmer Amy Van Dyken severed her spinal cord in an ATV accident over the weekend, and she told emergency workers she could not move her toes or feel anything touching her legs.

The 41-year-old swimmer was injured Friday. She was airlifted to a hospital and had surgery to stabilize her spine. A hospital spokeswoman said the swimmer was in good condition Monday afternoon.

Van Dyken was found lying on the ground next to the ATV. A witness said he saw her launch over the curb and found her unresponsive when he arrived on the scene, the report said. She was not wearing a helmet at the time.

Her husband, former Denver Broncos punter Tom Rouen, told police officers he had changed the throttle mechanism on the ATV from a thumb accelerator to a twist accelerator a few days before the accident, though wasn't sure if it was a factor in the accident.

Van Dyken won four gold medals at the Atlanta Summer Games in 1996 and another two in Sydney in 2000.

Abercrombie & Fitch does some "rebranding"

Abercrombie & Fitch has been pursuing a turnaround, working to regain its "cool factor" among American teens. Buzzfeed reports part of this rebranding includes changing how it describes its own brands.

According to a new quarterly filing, the retailer removed references to "East Coast traditions and Ivy League heritage" and words like "sexy," "idolized," and "privilege."

The new description appears as "the next generation of effortless All-American style."

We all remember when Abercrombie was the coolest brand among high schoolers, luring kids inside with its scantily clad models, thumping music and strong stench of cologne.

Now that teens' tastes have shifted, Abercrombie is reportedly opening up the windows at Hollister and toning down the scents sprayed around the store!

Read the full report here.

Weezer drummer makes flawless Frisbee catch

A fan video of Weezer drummer Patrick Wilson is making the rounds online.

While playing the bands hit song "Beverly Hills" during a performance on June 6 in St. Augustine, Florida, he caught a frisbee thrown to him from the audience, mid-song!

And he doesn't even miss a beat.


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