Prosecutor Sex Case Legal Fees

In a Tuesday morning letter attorneys for Assistant Prosecutor Rebecca Collins asked for two things . . . that Hamilton County disavow the $5 million countersuit filed by Prosecutor Mike Allen and that they agree to pay Ms. Collins' legal fees. Two County Commissioners, Todd Portune and Phil Heimlich, say they have quick answers to both requests, no and no. The request made by attorney Randolph Freking comes a day after Hamilton County Prosecutor Mike Allen filed suit in response to Collins' August Federal sexual harassment suit. The co-workers admit to having sexual relations but she says the encounters for a year of the nearly four year relationship were not consensual and often on the job. Hamilton County Commissioners say as things stand now they will not pay one dime of Allen's or Collins' legal fees. There is talk of mediating a settlement for damages included in the two lawsuits but no meeting is set yet.