Family: Victim of pit bull attack slowing recovering

Zaina Drame, file photo
Zaina Drame, file photo

(FOX19) - A 6 year-old Westwood girl remains in critical but stable condition after being viscously mauled by two pit bulls last week.

Leslie McElrath , Zainabou Drame's grandfather, said she is well enough to begin operations needed to repair her face. Zainabou is currently in an induced coma at Cincinnati Children's Hospital.

The two pit bulls attacked Zainabou in her Westwood neighborhood on May 4, leaving her with a severed tongue and severe damage to her jaw, according to family members. The injuries could impact her ability to speak.

McElrath says he's amazed by the outpouring of support from the community while Zaina has been in the hospital.

"So many people are offering help, money, food, prayers and I'm not making it up it ain't a couple of people  it's like millions and I'm like I'm overwhelmed," he told FOX19.

McElrath said an organization has offered to pay for all of the medical bills.

"One of the things and the blessings that they've given us and has taken a lot of weight off our shoulders," he said.

Plastic surgeons have worked on Zaina's face and she'll still require several more operations, according to McElrath. He says the family is hopeful she'll be able to speak again.

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