Coney eating contest winner downs 10 in 3 minutes

(FOX19) - By Abigail Hnat

10 chili coneys in three minutes is what it took to steal the win at this year's Camp Washington Chili Coney Eating Challenge hosted at Fountain Square.

"I'm very very full right now but very happy.  Those are delicious coneys." said winner, Sean Mulcahey, who is originally from Mason but now resides in OTR.

Mulcahey participated last year but said coming into the competition with an upset stomach kept him from winning.  He tells Fox19, "I'm just glad to have clenched the win this time."

This wasn't Mulcahey's first food eating competition.  He does it professionally and for fun.  Mulcahey participated in Oktoberfest's Brotworth competition and won last year's ice cream competition in Fountain Square.

His strategy is to keep a close eye on his competition at all times.

"I was checking out to see what my competition was doing making sure they were at least a coney behind me the whole time," said Mulcahey.

For any advice on how to win something like this, Mulcahey says, "Just keep on going.  Use the water to push it down as much as you can."

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