CPS Schools To Merge Next Year

Cincinnati public schools is merging some of it's East Side schools to save money.

The district overspent it's 2003-04 budget by nearly 20 million dollars and if the revenue remains flat. The district could run out of reserves in just 2 years.

In hope of saving 30 million dollars for the 05-06 school year and up to 130 million over the next five years, CPS have announced some cost cutting measures which includes merging schools.

Bramble, Eastwood, Hyde Park, Kirby Road, Linwood/Mckinley and Losantiville are all slated to merge with neighboring schools next year.

Already some Bramble Elementary parents already scrambling at the thought of how they'll get their students to school, they fear that buses provided by the district won't be enough. However, according to the district operating schools with less than 300 students isn't smart, in light of the hard numbers.

In 1991: 51,000 students were enrolled in the district this year less than 40,000 but budgets and costs have continued to rise. But this plan must be presented and approved by the full board at it's next meeting first.

Superintendent Frailey also proposed reducing staff to include teachers by 600 in a year. He announced an employee severance incentive plan, that would negotiated with the teachers union.

FOX19's Regina Carswell will have the complete story tonight on the Ten O'clock news!