Hamilton man accused in fatal shooting of daughter, another man

Hamilton man accused in fatal shooting of daughter, another man
Alfred I. Rutherford (Provided photo) and Lacey Rutherford (Photo: Facebook/lacey.rutherford)
Alfred I. Rutherford (Provided photo) and Lacey Rutherford (Photo: Facebook/lacey.rutherford)

HAMILTON, OH (FOX19) - Hamilton Police are beginning to put together the pieces of a double homicide early Wednesday in the 2700 block of Hilda Avenue.

What we know is a father is behind bars accused of killing his 29-year-old daughter and another man but investigators are still trying to figure out why.

Police said there was a large number of people gathered at the home of Alfred and Robin Rutherford when an argument broke out.  That argument led to gunfire and it was Robin Rutherford who called police.

Dispatcher: "911"

Robin: "There's been a shooting at 2710 Hilda Ave."

Dispatcher: "Who shot who?"

Robin: "My husband shot my daughter."

Dispatcher: "Your husband shot your daughter?"

Robin: "Yes."

Dispatcher: "OK. Is she alert and conscious?"

Robin: "No."

Dispatcher" No?"

Robin: "I thinks she's dead."

Officers found Alfred Rutherford's daughter, Lacey, and 41-year-old Steve Watkins of Wilmington gunned down just after 2:30 a.m. at Alfred Rutherford's home.

Hamilton Police Chief Scott Scrimizzi said investigators arrived to find a bloody crime scene.

"The female victim,  Lacey Rutherford, the suspect's daughter was shot and killed inside the house. As officers started securing the scene a second body was discovered."

Police also recovered a number of weapons from the house. A neighbor, who doesn't want to be identified said she heard the gunshots and saw the gunman flee the scene.

"Before the police get here, the man gets in his car and takes off and what they don't know is he drove back past here when the police was already there. The guy, you know, that killed his daughter he drove back by here," the neighbor said.

The neighbor also said the shooting has left her nervous.

"I'm sitting on my front porch. This man comes out he's armed and he's dangerous. I'm sitting here he could have killed me. That makes me like go in there and hug my baby like, you know, I thought this was a decent neighborhood, but it can happen anywhere," the neighbor said. "You know this man decides to go crazy and kill somebody and I don't know what possesses someone especially to kill their own child."

After about eight hours on the run Alfred Rutherford was spotted by a passerby walking along a section of roadway here in Joyce park.  Police were called and Rutherford was arrested without incident.

Police charged Alfred Rutherford, 55, with two counts of murder and one count of obstruction of official business. He will be arraigned Thursday morning in Hamilton Municipal Court.

FOX19 Investigates has learned that Lacey Rutherford was due in court July 1 on possessing drug abuse instruments and drug paraphernalia charges.

FOX19 has been digging deeper into Alfred Rutherford's record. And he's had many run-ins with the law. The charges he's faced include kidnapping, robbery and discharging firearms in the city. He's also had several DUI and drug arrests.

Hamilton Police Sgt. Ed Buns said there was at least one child or possibly two children visiting the Rutherford house when the alleged incident happened.

Alfred Rutherford is lodged in the Butler County jail.

Those who have any information about the case are asked to call police at 513-868-5811, extension 2002.

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