11-year-old helps rescue drowning girl

11-year-old helps rescue drowning girl
Mitchell Letizel, 11, pulled a girl from the pool.
Mitchell Letizel, 11, pulled a girl from the pool.

(FOX19) - Mitchell Letizel is a typical 11-year-old who now says he knows just how deadly a few moments in the water can be at a public pool.

On Tuesday, he got a firsthand look at it.

"I saw this girl on the bottom of the pool, her eyes rolled back, and I was like, that's not right, so I swam over to my mom and said  there is this girl at the bottom of the pool," said Mitchell.

He and his mom pulled that 9-year-old girl from the water of the local YMCA in Liberty Township. His mother says it was a very scary moment.

"I could see someone at the bottom of the water, and I kicked the person to see if they would react, so I hollered for the guard and pulled her up," said Adelaide Letizel.

In that case, the child survived and was taken to Children's Hospital in Liberty Township after she was revived.

This was just one of several recent public pool emergencies.

Also on Tuesday, a 6-year-old at Sycamore Township's Brookside pool almost drowned there.

Experts with the American Red Cross say they can't stress enough just how quickly the water can turn dangerous in a crowded public pool.

"You have to make sure that you tell your child where the deep end is, where the shallow end is, and so that they know where all the important ladders are. A lot of parents forget that. As soon as they get in the door the kids are so excited they throw their towels on the chair and just run off," said Mark Lapille with the local chapter of the Red Cross.

Adelaide also hopes her experience will be a reminder about this.

"You absolutely have to be responsible for your children. You have to be watching them," she said.

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