Tips to save money on your energy bill this summer

(Photo: Flickr/Redjar)
(Photo: Flickr/Redjar)

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - With temperatures on the rise, your air conditioner is working in overdrive. Duke Energy has a plan where you can save money or earn credit toward your next electric bill.

The program is called Power Manager, and it's a device that will lower your AC use during high demand for electricity. Duke Energy installs a free radio controlled device next to your AC unit on the outside of your home, and it cycles your air conditioner off and on when demand is especially high.

Under the program, you receive a one time credit of $25 or $35 on your bill. You also receive a credit on your electric bill whenever Duke uses the Power Manager device to turn your air conditioning unit off and then automatically back on.

Duke Energy residential customers can sign up by calling 1 (877) 392-4848. Participants must own a single-family home and have a functional central air conditioning unit with an outside compressor.

Here are some other tips that could help conserve energy and save money:

Keep your curtains and blinds fully closed on the sunny side of the home.

Minimize door traffic to the outside.

Ceiling fans and other air circulating fans can improve your comfort.

Postpone unnecessary lighting, ironing or baking or running the clothes dryer.

Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs) use much less electricity and produce much less heat than standard incandescent lights.

Insulate your air conditioning and heating ducts.

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