Toys For Tots Scam May Be Legit

Tuesday the Boone County Sheriff's Department called it a Toys for Tots scam. Wednesday they weren't so sure.

"We don't know, to be honest, 100%, exactly what was going on," Tom Scheben of the sheriff's department says.

They believed two people, Tracey Tidwell and Kiel Hunt, had set up a fake Toys for Tots stand at a truck stop in Walton. But investigators have uncovered more information about the company they were working for. It does business with Toys for Tots on a national level and claims it's employees did nothing wrong. They were selling $10 toys to customers and suggesting they then donate the toy to Toys for Tots.

But Peter Dewing, the man who runs Toys for Tots in Cincinnati, says a legitimate location will never ask people to buy anything. The whole idea of Toys for Tots, he says, is for people to donate what they choose.

"The way they were doing it, that's the problem," Dewing says. "They were saying they were representing Toys for Tots in this area and being official sponsors, and selling things on behalf of Toys for Tots."

Scheben says the charges Tidwell and Hunt face still stand, but at this point investigators aren't sure if they were involved in a scam or if there some some misunderstanding with Toys for Tots.