Puppy rescued from abandoned incinerator

Puppy rescued from abandoned incinerator
'Smokey' after the rescue (FOX19)
'Smokey' after the rescue (FOX19)

SOUTH CUMMINSVILLE, OH (FOX19) - Fire crews rescued a trapped puppy on Thursday from an abandoned incinerator in South Cumminsville.

"I heard a dog barking this morning when I came into work crying. I just happened to go in there. I looked down in the pit. I seen him walking around in the pit," said John Peoples with the Cincinnati Public Works Department.

A fireman who assisted in the rescue described it to FOX19 as just another day on the job but city worker Teresa Gill called it a miracle.

"It's just miraculous, marvelous. It shows how all life is precious," Gill said. She first heard whimpers coming from the Cincinnati Sanitation building on Wednesday. When Gill went inside the next day, she said it was clear the noises were from a crying dog stuck at the bottom of the incinerator pit.

A firefighter and SPCA worker were lowered on harnesses into the 40 foot pit and safely retrieved the dog. The dog appeared to be only a few months old and showed no signs of distress.

Responders decided to name him 'Smokey.'

"Just went down on the rope, got the dog, put him in the cage and pulled him back up. It's what we do every day. It's what we train for so we practice it monthly. It's what we are there for," Cincinnati firefighter Ben Kutcher said.

Gill said seeing the pup no longer trapped brought tears to her eyes.

"Our guys risked their life going down in that small pit to get that animal," she said.

Smokey is now in the care of Cincinnati SPCA. The SPCA said Smokey seems to be in good health. There is already a waiting list full of people wanting to adopt her.

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