Trending today: Hotel refuses family with service dog; Felon's mug shot goes viral

Jeremy Meeks' mug shot has gone viral. (Stockton PD)
Jeremy Meeks' mug shot has gone viral. (Stockton PD)

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Hotel refuses service dog

A hotel came under fire recently for allegedly denying reservations to a family with a service dog. Now, the hotel owner is responding.

After making reservations at a Louisiana hotel, a family was turned away because they had Chip, their son Beau's service dog who alerts the family when he suffers a seizure.

The Americans with Disabilities Act requires by law that service dogs be allowed in all establishments. The family publicly called the hotel out and the story has gone vial, prompting a response from Best Western Hotels.

The corporation said they have released all ties with that hotel and have required them to remove the Best Western name.

Man's mug shot goes viral for being 'dreamy'

Jeremy Meeks was arrested in California recently, but that's not why everyone is talking about him.

Meeks' mug shot was posted on Stockton Police Department's Facebook page regarding his arrest for felony weapons charges, but the comments on the post focused more on his perceived good looks.

Many commentators were willing to overlook his criminal status and swoon over his piercing blue eyes and high cheekbones. Now that it's gone viral, the Stockton Police Department has admitted no other mug shot has garnered so much attention.

Meanwhile, Meeks is still in jail with a $900,000 bond.

75 people potentially exposed to anthrax

Nearly 75 government scientists may have been exposed to living anthrax, the Center for Disease Control announced yesterday. Anthrax, an infectious and deadly bacteria, was being tested at an Atlanta Lab when workers were exposed.

The scientists reportedly didn't realize they were working with the live anthrax bacteria and weren't wearing protective gear.

Officials say it takes about a week for Anthrax illness symptoms to develop and the exposure was discovered six days ago. So far, none of the exposed workers have reported illness.

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