6-year-old mauling victim now out of a coma

6-year-old mauling victim now out of a coma
Zainabou Drame. File photo
Zainabou Drame. File photo

WESTWOOD, OH (FOX19) - It's been two weeks since a 6-year-old Westwood girl was savagely attacked by a pair of pit bulls.

Zainabou Drame was so critically injured in that attack that her doctors put her in a medically induced coma. Friday, they brought her of a coma and her grandfather, Leslie McElrath, said she's not only conscious but alert.

"Today she sits up now. She can't talk, but she sits up," he said. "She's very here, you know. She knows everybody that's coming in. She's happy. The first night she came out the coma she was very angry. She didn't see anybody she knew."

McElrath said doctors have completed the first series of surgeries on the little girl's face.

"As far as the plastic surgery on her face they're going to hold off a let what they've
done so far heal and then they say in four to six months," he said.

McElrath said Zaina has been given a device to help her communicate.

"They now have a way where she can talk to them on a board," he said. "They draw on the board like her toys and TV and potty and everything. So if she needs anything she just points there."

A Facebook page has been created called Zainabou's Voice where people from just about everywhere have been posting words of encouragement.

McElrath says the family has also been getting support from complete strangers.

"Mostly prayers at work and things like that," he said. "I mean there are people bringing us food, you know, from different organizations not everyday but maybe every other day they bring dinner for us and take some of the stress off and basically people coming up saying, you know, that they're praying for us and you keep up the faith and she's going to be OK and things like that." 

McElrath told FOX19 that all of Zaina's medical expenses are being paid for by a nonprofit organization which means one less thing for the family to worry about.
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