Franklin man pleads guilty to aggravated robbery

Adam Patrick. Provided by the Warren County Sheriff's Office.
Adam Patrick. Provided by the Warren County Sheriff's Office.

LEBANON, OH (FOX19) - A Franklin man pleaded guilty Monday to aggravated robbery for his role in the robbery and subsequent death of a 16-year-old from Dayton.

Adam Patrick, 30, was sentenced to 11 years in prison.

The Warren County Prosecutor's Office said 16-year-old Dione Payne on Dec. 1 had been staying at the Franklin home of Michael Geldrich to sell drugs. Patrick was also staying with Geldrich and had been purchasing drugs from Payne.

Geldrich planned to rob Payne by putting a pillow case over his head, wrapping his limbs in duct tape and stealing his drugs and money. Patrick agreed to loan Geldrich his truck to transport and leave Payne at another location after the robbery. Although Patrick was not present, Patrick gave Geldrich his phone to maintain contact with him during the robbery.

Geldrich struck Payne, restrained him and stole drugs and money from him.

Geldrich also engaged in a phone conversation with Patrick in an effort to locate more drugs and money. Because they could not find additional drugs or money, Payne was severely beaten, sustaining massive injuries. After the robbery, Geldrich used Patrick's truck to leave the unresponsive Payne at Atrium Medical Center.

Payne later died from the injuries he sustained during the aggravated robbery. For his planning of the aggravated robbery and the use of his truck, Patrick received approximately $40 that had been taken from Payne.

Police identified Patrick's truck using surveillance video from Atrium Medical Center. Police arrested and charged Patrick and co-defendants Geldrich and Michael Jay Watson in connection with Payne's robbery and death.

Patrick is the second of three co-defendants to plead guilty for his role in the aggravated robbery and subsequent death of Payne.

On May 8, Geldrich pled guilty to aggravated murder, aggravated robbery, two counts of kidnapping, and tampering with evidence. Geldrich will be sentenced at a later date after he cooperates with the prosecution of Watson, the prosecutor's office said.

Watson is scheduled for trial on July 28.

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