Families continue pleas for change to dangerous Green Twp. intersection

GREEN TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - In February, a FOX19 investigation uncovered Hamilton County's most dangerous intersections.  Making that top ten list is Harrison Avenue and Rybolt Road in Green Township.
Two families who lost children in accidents there are pushing for changes.
In April, FOX19 spoke with Michael Urbisci and Julie Gipson, both of whom lost children trying to make left turns in the intersection.  Checking in with them again on Monday, they tell FOX19 not much has changed.
They're hoping that changes soon, before someone else lives their nightmares.
"It needs to be fixed immediately to save someone else's life," said Julie Gipson, who lost her son Thomas Brooks in an accident at the intersection.
Her son was killed in February. Since then, she's pushed for changes to the intersection.
"It's a nightmare that will never go away.  My life will never be the same.  But, I would like to save somebody else this kind of grief," said Gipson.

Melissa Urbisci was also killed making a left in the intersection.  That was in 2010.  Monday was a special day for her family, though. It would have been her birthday.
"Today, had she still been with us, she would have celebrated her 27th birthday," said Urbisci.
In the years since, the Urbisci family has had plenty of back and forth with county engineers and the state Department of Transportation, they say.
"Nothing is happening, and it's very disturbing.  I thought for sure that after the second tragedy that it would have come out loud and clear that change is needed," said Urbisci.

In April, we sat down with Hamilton County Engineer Ted Hubbard about the intersection.
"Our goal is to minimize accidents and maximize efficiency," Hubbard told FOX19.
The two families met with Hubbard near the end of April.  The plan, as Hubbard said then, is to put a protected light turning left from Harrison toward Kohl's, only allowing a turn when the arrow is green.

They were working with ODOT to see if it was feasible.
"Just like Michael's been doing for four years, he's been trying to save something from happening and then it was my son.  I'm trying to pick up the pieces and do the same thing or it's going to be somebody else's," said Gipson.
FOX19 spoke with Ted Hubbard over the phone Monday night.  He says, in that area, they've done re-striping of the intersection.  On top of that, he says a county traffic count has been done and sent to ODOT for analysis to be sure of a minimal impact to a nearby I-74 interchange.  He tells FOX19 that he's "quite serious" about working in that area.

As for a timetable for the light change, he was unable to provide that, saying he'd have to check with ODOT.

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