Trending today: KLM's offensive World Cup tweet; Buy this South Dakota town for $400,000

For just $400,000, this tiny, one-bar town of Swett, South Dakota could be all yours (Photo: Rapid City Journal).
For just $400,000, this tiny, one-bar town of Swett, South Dakota could be all yours (Photo: Rapid City Journal).

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Royal Dutch Airlines insensitive World Cup tweet

After the Netherlands scored a last-minute World Cup victory over Mexico Sunday, the Netherlands' Royal Dutch airlines—known as KLM—celebrated their excitement on Twitter.

And also caused an uproar on social media.

The KLM twitter account posted "Adios amigos! #nedmex" accompanied by a photo of a man with a mustache and a sombrero.

The tweet was met with angry reactions and KLM promptly deleted it.

Supreme Court rules Hobby Lobby doesn't have to cover contraception

The Supreme Court ruled Monday that companies with religious objections to contraception can refuse to pay for them.

The high court  reached the decision based on the healthcare showdown case between the White House and arts and crafts chain Hobby Lobby on Monday.

The company challenged the Affordable Care Act mandate that all businesses must provide contraception coverage for their employees.

The case could have an impact outside of healthcare.

Read the full report here:

South Dakota town up for sale for $400,000

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own town? If you've got a spare $400,000, you could.

Lance Benson, the sole owner of Swett, South Dakota, is putting the whole town up for grabs, according to the Rapid City Journal. The sale includes its bar (Swett Tavern), workshop, three trailers, single house and 6.16 acres of prime prairie real estate.

Benson said he's ready to let go of town ownership so he can focus more on his other business of traveling concessions.

About 40 people lived in Swett in the 1940s with a post office and a grocery store. But now only two people inhabit it -- Benson and his wife, the Journal reports.

If interested, contact broker Stacie Montgomery at (605) 343-2700.

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