Alexandria Police warn of home invasions

Alexandria Police warn of home invasions

ALEXANDRIA, KY (FOX19) - A string of burglaries in Alexandria, Kentucky have police on alert and warning residents to lock their car doors.

Authorities say three break-ins were the result of homeowners leaving their vehicle doors unlocked, allowing the thief to access their garage door openers. Suspects then open the garage door just enough to crawl in without making a lot of noise.

The home invasions have all happened at nighttime within a 24 hour period, according to police. They say suspects have taken purses and cash then quickly exited the home the same way they entered.

"The frightening thing is, they're going into residences while they're occupied. So folks, if they happen to hear it, that can lead to quite a confrontation," Lt. George Schreiner told FOX19.

Alexandria Police say if you hear someone entering your garage, it's safest to call 911 first. They say residents should always lock their car doors when parked on streets or driveways.

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