Fort Thomas shooting victim Alisha Waters tells her story of survival

(FOX19) - Alisha Waters of Northern Kentucky is a survivor.

"I'm here and that's it point blank. I am here. I lived. And I'm happy to be alive," Waters told FOX19's Jacki Jing.

Last August, her estranged husband shot her multiple times, then killed himself.

"I got to work like normal. I was waiting for the elevator and felt someone starting at me, so I turned around. The gun was pointing at me. I said, 'DJ, please'. He just started firing. I remember I fell to the ground and started playing dead, the elevator door, hitting me in the head, time after time. I remember I glanced back at him and saw him hold a gun up to his face. I turned away," said Waters.

One of the bullets severed Alisha's spine.

Now she's a quadriplegic.

"You go from leading a normal life and being able to walk and then – nothing," said Waters.

Her family cannot afford a handicap accessible car.

"I want to jump in my car and go out with friends. I can't do any of that anymore. He took that away from me," said Waters.

And they still need a shower chair.

"I haven't had a real shower since December. That sounds so awful. That sounds bad," said Waters.

Medical bills are mounting.

She admits sometimes reality is hard to take.

"Still to this day I think to myself. There's no way he's dead. There's no way this happened to me. There's no way that he would have done this," said Waters.

Alisha and DJ Mathis had been together for a decade, married five years.

Alisha says DJ struggled with mental illness and, after time, she could no longer be with him.

He started to harass her -- calling her, texting her, emailing her -- constantly.

"I think he thought if he couldn't have me, nobody could," said Waters.

She wanted a domestic violence order, but the judge didn't grant that request.

Now her goal is to raise awareness about cyber stalking get legislation put into place, hoping others won't suffer her fate.

"Don't just assume that it will all go away because it won't. They'll find you. Like he did me. Get out and don't look back. Just get out," said Waters.

If you'd like to help out Alisha and her family, a fundraiser is being held for Alisha this Saturday, 10 to noon at the Ludlow VFW on Elm Street.

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