City Gospel Mission moves ahead with relocation plans


CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A local shelter, with a focus on drug and alcohol recovery, has its sights set on Queensgate. 

FOX19's Gordon Graham explains how this planned relocation could help more of the areas homeless get into permanent housing. 

Plans to relocate City Gospel Mission to a site along Dalton Avenue had been up in the air for months because of some federal deed restrictions, but the organization's President, Roger
Howell, says those challenges have been overcome. "Our last hurdle was getting some restrictions on our deed clarified from HUD. They did that two weeks ago. Our board voted last week to accept the properties so this is the last hurdle, we're ready to go." 

City Gospel Mission plans to move onto two parcels of land. The building on one lot is undergoing extensive renovation while there's new construction on the other lot. Howell says there's 65-thousand square feet in all for expanded programs to help the homeless. "This building over here will have our job services. It'll have...the Lord's gym is part of that. It will have our men's drug and alcohol recovery program and it'll have our offices
both for administration and our youth programs."

Howell says with the area's growing homeless population the need for these programs is great. "All the shelters are working together to provide services to meet specific needs, we're
part of that plan and we're excited about really being able to help people get out of homelessness."

The new location is convenient to public transportation and Howell says they'll have medical and mental health services on site. "Those are both big issues for the homeless. Each of
the new shelters will have services there and ours included and we'll work with various people along with some volunteer counselors who come in."

The project carries a13-million dollar price tag much of which has already been raised by 3CDC, a City Gospel Mission partner and if all goes as planned the new facility will be open
by April of next year.

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