Six decades of fireworks


CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Not many people know more about fireworks that George W. Moore. With 60 years in the business, he says things have changed a lot since the 1950s.

"We had to dig a hole and put them in the ground. We didn't have racks like this. We had iron guns and we'd stick them in the ground. Then we had to reload them, run from there to here to load and somebody would light them," said Moore.

This Fourth of July, Moore with the help of his family set up the Rozzi's display at Ault Park. Six decades of playing with fire without getting burned. Moore says it's all thanks to a cautious eye.

"You take it serious. You know what you are messing with and you don't think you are playing in dirt. You are playing with explosives and you've got to handle it like you are playing with explosives too," said Moore.

Every year since 1951, Moore has spent the Fourth of July working. Though he doesn't get to enjoy the fireworks, he says it's the joy others get from his hard work that pays off.

"They are enjoying seeing my fireworks and that is what makes me happy," said Moore. "I just like it. They say when you get that powder in your blood you'll never let up."

As for any notions of retirement, Moore says it's starting to cross his mind. His sons and grandsons were giving him a hand Friday and he hopes they will carry on the family tradition.

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