Bikers rally to support shooting survivor

Waters chats with supporters at the rally. (FOX19)
Waters chats with supporters at the rally. (FOX19)

(FOX19) - A motorcycle rally was held in Northern Kentucky today to support Alisha Waters, the Ludlow woman who was left paralyzed after being shot by her estranged husband last year.

Waters arrived in a specially equipped van with an escort of more than 100 motorcycles and was met with a round of applause.

Alisha waters the guest of honor had just a few words for friends and family gathered at the Ludlow Veterans hall.

"Because of everyone like you who have supported me I'm here, I made it. Thank you so much. I love you all. Let's party," Waters told the crowd.

Party they did to the sounds of local musicians of the 'Raw Oyster Band.'

[Video: Alisha Waters tells her story of survival to FOX19]

There was a raffle and silent auction to raise money for Alisha's medical care.

Alisha has plenty of supporters including Melissa Shea who is also a paraplegic from an ATV accident seven years ago.

"I just want to, you know, show that we're supporting her and we're going to make sure that she has help for whatever she needs." 

Bill Mullins of Ludlow says Alisha is like family.

"I knew her as a kid. I coached her brothers in football and she lived down the street from us and, you know, it's just one of things Ludlow does for people."  

 Sheila Cole of Ludlow says Alisha's injuries should not have happened.

"She's a good person and I'm totally against what happened and them dropping the EPO's and stuff like that so I wanted to show my support."

A biker who calls himself Boxcar says supporting Alisha is the right thing to do.

"I just come out and support Alisha today and all that she's been through. That's what our biker community does to help everybody else out." 

 Dozens of people turned out including FOX19's Jacki Jing to show their support for Alisha and her family and to help with fundraising efforts.

 Alisha says the support is overwhelming.

"The amount of love and support that complete strangers … It's an amazing feeling to know that there is real good in this world."

The motorcycle rally was also intended to raise awareness about domestic violence and to support a measure that would add stalking to Kentucky's domestic violence law.

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