Robberies on rise in North College Hill, overall crime down

NORTH COLLEGE HILL, OH (FOX19) - North College Hill residents are fed up with a recent crime spree and they're asking police how they will protect them.

Police chief Gary Foust says most of these crimes were committed by people coming from outside the area who see an opportunity. Sometimes the crimes are driven by drugs.

"It's scary, but also makes me angry," said Pat Hendricks.

Pat Hendricks is part of a group called the North College Hill concerned citizens and she thinks their city is a target because she says it's a big walking community.

"As walkers we feel threatened because of people's behavior who seem to not have a conscience or they don't have any accountability for their behavior," said Hendricks.

Despite the fact that overall crime is down between 20-25 percent compared to last year, police say robberies are up 42 percent in 2014. Most recently, investigators are looking for suspects involved in a double shooting that happened during a home invasion early this morning.

along with limiting the items Hendricks carries, she and others are taking extra precautions when out and about.

"The time of day that we choose to walk, it'll be the distance, it'll be letting one of my children know because I don't want to make myself a target," said Hendricks.

Businesses are also taking proactive steps. In conjunction with police, many shops installed security cameras.

"It all streams directly to the police department so they're able to monitor it," said Andrew Brewer.

Andrew Brewer says they have a camera in the parking lot and inside Buddy Roger's Music. He says it's worked to deter criminals so far, but also some rowdy behavior outside the store too.

"This neighborhood doesn't necessarily have the best reputation but it's not as bad as people make it out to be and we have that kind of fallback there to rely on them and know that they're being proactive rather than just being reactive," said Brewer.

Police say they've caught the majority of their suspects this year.

They say that's one reason overall crime may be down, because those committing the crimes are paying the price.

The public is welcome to join the North College Hill police for a forum on Tuesday, August 12th to further discuss their safety concerns.

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