Police ramp up downtown patrols after shootings

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - A suspect is in custody in connection with two separate shootings earlier this week. 22-year-old Fonte Williams peacefully surrendered to authorities Wednesday evening on Beekman Street in Millvale. 
Police say both incidents happened in a part of downtown that's doesn't see many shootings and Wednesday, Cincinnati Police announced they're beefing up security at all major events downtown for the rest of the summer.                  

"People don't seem to have any fear of shooting and killing, it's a little scary," said Brian Turner.

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But major events or games are something that attract thousands including Brian and Holly Turner, and they hope this week's shootings aren't a trend that could deter them from visiting downtown.
"We try to be aware of our surroundings. Any confrontation that looks unsettling, we just try and avoid," said Holly Turner.
Bunbury kicks off this Friday and organizers say even as a ticketed event, you have to be prepared for anything.

 "We supplement police with private security as well because we want to make sure everyone feels safe, because there are a lot of safety issues when you're doing an event like this," said Bill Donabedian, Bunbury's founder.
Holly Turner says despite extra manpower, crime can happen anywhere.
"You don't know what's going on in a situation and with as many people as there are around, can they get after someone who's shooting, I don't know,"said Turner.
Along with extra patrols from CPD, Debbie Robben with citizens on patrol says they'll have 75 percent of their volunteers working this weekend.
"There's a lot of different ways we've been taught to watch things but that's one of the bigger things is when people become aggressive and confrontations with other people," said Debbie Robben.
Robben says it's surprising how young many suspects are today, and the crimes they're involved in, but police and volunteers vow to keep an extra eye on the thousands at Reds games, Lumenocity, and other festivals this summer.

"What's happened recently is an anomaly. It's not the normal state of business for downtown and people should definitely be comfortable being down here," said Donabedian.
There's already been crime at one major downtown event this summer. There was a shooting and multiple reports of assault near the Taste of Cincinnati.

Police say if you're out at any of these events, be aware of your surroundings.

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