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How to make a narrative quilt square

(Photo: Flickr/AnneHeathen) (Photo: Flickr/AnneHeathen)

Learn how to make a narrative quilt square with the Contemporary Arts Center.

Here's a how-to from fiber artist Pam Kravetz:

You say you don't know how to sew? You are a little apprehensive about creating this? Or you are a rock star seamstress?  All abilities are welcome! And just for the record I only know one stitch I call it the "over under stitch." If you know some fancy stitches use them! Want to add beads and embellishments? Go right ahead!

Here are the basic instructions to create you quilt square:

  1. Get out your sandwich (it is the one with two pieces of fabric and some white batting inside, no mayo thought)
  2. Get out your needle and thread it with the embroidery floss of your choice. Don't lick the floss because that is gross! Lick it if you have to, but it is better to flip the needle eye (opening) over, sometimes a microscopic piece of metal is there and it makes it hard to thread. Knot the floss anyway you can. My thinking is if it doesn't fall out, you are right. If it does, do it some other way!
  3. Now, start to sew the edge of you quilt square using the "over under stitch", start at the back of the quilt and go over the top, then under the, then over. Once you are close to running out of floss, tie it off, any way you can. Remember if it doesn't fall out, you did it correctly!
  4. Once you have sewn the entire square around the edges using whatever color floss you would like, it is time to make the applique piece out of your extra piece of fabric. Don't like the fabric, you can use another one of your liking.
  5. Cut it extra piece into a hand (trace your own) or a heart. I am a dictator after all! And I want hands and hearts. Use your own creativity to create a beautiful interesting heart or and. Then using the over under stitch that you have mastered earlier sew your piece onto the quilt square, you can sew through all the layers of the quilt.
  6. If you would like to add a word about what you like about the CAC or a memory like "I adore JR", you can stitch that on. Or add beads and embellishments of your choice.

Helpful hints:

  1. Start big pieces to small pieces when you are using fabric.
  2. Use small beads to big beads when you are beading. It will make you crazy every time your floss gets caught on your thread if you put big beads on first.
  3. And remember, if doesn't fall apart you win!!!!

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