North College Hill muggings target the blind; Community responds

Clovernook employees at a session teaching how to respond in a threatening situation.
Clovernook employees at a session teaching how to respond in a threatening situation.

(FOX19) - In just one week, two muggings targeted residents who are blind or visually impaired in North College Hill.

In the two separate incidents, the victims had cash stolen with one even suffering some minor injuries.

Both victims are employees at the Clovernook Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired.
Ann Crawshaw can't see and hasn't been able to for most of her life. As a long time North College Hill resident, she's frightened to hear about those with a similar condition being targeted.
"I'm apprehensive about going for walks around the block and I what can be done to make the neighborhood safer," said Crawshaw.
Crawshaw remembers a time when she too felt threatened.

"This one woman likes to prey on me when I'm by myself. I used to go home in the back of Bising Road but I do not now," said Crawshaw.
Now police and Clovernook are taking steps to teach the blind and visually impaired how to avoid these situations. One gentleman who's visually impaired is taking action by teaching his friends and co-workers about some new technology.

"It's a very small device that has a key-chain on it," said Kim McKeichirn.

Clovernook employees learned about these sound devices, or alarms, that can clip onto a cane, walker, purse, and many other spots to scare a thief away.
"If I had this in my pocket, or if I had it on a belt, and I think I'm in trouble, if this was someone's purse, who's going to want that,"  said Kim McKeichirn.
Clovernook president Chris Faust says they're going to look into buying the sound alarms that run for just more than $10, as well as other technology to protect all of their employees.  
"If we don't take an aggressive approach to it, it could continue. So we want to get out in front of it," said Chris Faust.
Crawshaw says she's going to use some of the tips she learned today, but also check out a new hobby. 

"I'd like to find out how I can get engaged in martial arts," said Ann Crawshaw.
Only one of those two victims are back to work. Clovernook is now working to get more police presence in the area.
No arrests have been made, but police say they do have some persons of interest.

Sergeant Ferguson says they did make one arrest in a separate case that they believe is connected to these blind muggings.

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