Dan Rather Stepping Down

Dan Rather to sign off as anchor for good in March

Dan Rather is getting ready to leave the anchor seat. He's announced that he's going to step down in March as anchor of the "CBS Evening News" -- exactly 24 years after he took over the job from Walter Cronkite. Rather has come under increasing criticism in recent months -- for his role in a "60 Minutes" story on President Bush's National Guard service. It was based on documents that have since been described as apparent forgeries. Rather says he'll continue to work for CBS, as a correspondent for both "60 Minutes programs."

In a statement, he doesn't mention the National Guard story. Instead, he says he agreed with CBS executives last summer that the right time for him to leave would be after the November elections. CBS isn't saying who his successor might be. Rather has been with CBS News for more than 40 years. He first gained fame as a reporter covering the Nixon White House. Refresh this page often for the latest details