Community comes to the aid of daycare hit by thieves


CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - An outpouring of donations from the community to help that a Westwood daycare recoup their losses and then some.

Thieves broke into the St. James daycare Thursday night and stole money the kids raised for a field trip to Coney Island.

Now it seems those kids will get their day at Coney Island after all thanks to the generosity of complete strangers.  It's an example of what's working in the tri-state.

Coney Island operations manager, Steve Edwards, says the park was only too glad to help.

"We're going to provide a day for kids that were at the daycare center, provide some goodies,
some single day passes and some other surprises along the way."

No one was more surprised than St. James pre-school teacher Bridget Osborne. "It's been amazing because the last 24 hours there's been anonymous donations, people that we don't even know. People in the community that don't even have children here have stepped up and made donations."

Osborn says one of the donations was from a woman who was the victim of a robbery just a few days ago. "She had a situation happen on Thursday where she was burglarized and she had seen it on the news that we were burglarized and she had bought a new TV and so she had just an extra TV laying around and she brought it up, she gave 20 dollars in cash. She wanted to remain anonymous because she didn't want it to be about her and so we respected
that and it's just people like that that are just coming up and donating things left and right."

Willie's bar on Glenway has also stepped in to help. Manager Jill Sebastian says it's all about neighbor helping neighbor. "We heard about St. James daycare and their money being stolen
and it was going to be their trip to Coney Island and we felt bad so we thought we'd help out and donate the money for the trip and donate 10-percent from all sales when people mention St. James daycare."

Osborne says the whole ordeal is a good learning experience for the kids. "It takes all of the bad that happened on Friday. It just kind of takes it away because there's way more good
than there is bad and that's something that we want to teach these kids anyway so it's perfect, it's going to be a perfect teaching example for us to be able to share with them on Monday. They're going to be so excited. When they left here on Friday they were
told the field trip probably wasn't going to happen unless we raise the money again and so I just can't wait, I can't wait until Monday."

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