Police Praise Tasers

They called them a major success, and said the Cincinnati Police Department is a safer place since officers began getting tasers nine months ago.

Tuesday the CPD presented the latest information on the use of tasers in Cincinnati to the Law and Public Safety Committee of the City Council. So far this year, the CPD has tased 505 people. Lt. Col. Richard Janke credited taser use for other numbers too, like having 40 fewer officers assaulted compared to this time last year.

"It's a tremendous advantage when an officer knows they have a tool at their disposal that will reduce the chance that they will have to get into hand to hand combat on a subject," Janke says.

But the citizens group, Coalition for a Just Cincinnati says the last nine months have been dangerous. They criticize the CPD for not coming up with more strict guidlines on who they will tase and not tase. Amanda Mayes points to dozens of taser related deaths across the country as a reason to do more studies on their impact, especially for people who already have health problems.

"These issues have not been researched or addressed by council," Mayes says. "You're going to find somebody killed by police and their use of tasers."

CPD says there have been no direct injuries from the use of tasers and no reports of officer misuse.