Police: Covington city official hit security guard

Steve Frank (CovingtonKy.gov)
Steve Frank (CovingtonKy.gov)
The Ascent building in Covington where Frank lives. (FOX19)
The Ascent building in Covington where Frank lives. (FOX19)

COVINGTON, KY (FOX19) - A Covington city official could face charges for an altercation with a worker at his residence.

City Commissioner Steve Frank allegedly struck a security guard at The Ascent, the Roebling Way complex where he lives, last Wednesday as he was leaving the building to walk his dog.

The altercation began after Frank expressed his anger over a recent decision The Ascent board members had made regarding dogs in the building, according to police.

"I'm not a typical politician, I'm a human being. I'm not blow-dried, carefully crafted guy. I just try to do what I think is right, and I'm an emotional character," Steve Frank said in light of the incident.

A police report outlines that the security guard held the door and asked how Frank's night was going as he left to walk his dog. Frank responded with "It could be better."

After a few steps, the report claims "Frank then lunged out with an open hand and struck the victim in the throat. Then, as quickly as Frank had assaulted the victim, he just turned and walked away without saying anything else".

"I just wanted to demonstrate how upset I was and I didn't mean anything towards him and I'm as shocked as anyone that this escalated to the point that the police might have been called in," said Frank.

Frank told police "he just expressed his anger" and "he did not believe that he even ever touched the subject. he thought that he had a close enough relationship with the subject that he could express his anger".

"I feel horrible and I've put him in an awkward position, even more than me," said Frank.

Commissioner Frank says his dog is old, and doesn't go outside in the rain. So his proposition is to take her out under the portico, but one tenant in particular doesn't support that idea, and that's who his anger was directed towards.

"This guy says no, starts screaming at me and I should put my dog down. Well I was emotional at that point, and whatever my issue was, it was clearly not with the doorman," said Frank.

This isn't Frank's first run-in with the law. After he was elected commissioner in January of 2011, later that year he pled guilty to a DUI.

"It's up to them, I have to consider myself if I want to continue going on or not. I'm exhausted," said Frank when asked if he still has the public's trust.

FOX19 reached out to the city for comment, but they declined. Police advised Frank to not have contact with the security guard for a while, but Frank said he does intend on apologizing.

Police say the security guard has not filed any charges against Frank, but this is an open case and they have reviewed surveillance footage of the incident.

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