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Train could link downtown to CVG


An initiative for better regional multi-mobile transportation has sparked a proposal for a train linking downtown Cincinnati to the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport.

"There is a tremendous amount of in and out activity, people fly into the airport people want to do their business and go back out so people wouldn't have to rent a car or rent a more expensive taxi cab," said Hamilton County Commissioner Todd Portune, who is looking for ways to fund the project.

Fourteen miles apart, it currently takes an estimated 15 to 20 minutes to drive from downtown to Hebron, Ky where CVG is located. That's without traffic traveling on Interstate 71/75 to Interstate 275.

Portune wants to amend existing legislation to allow passenger facility charges, which are part of every airline ticket, to be used to fund the project.   

Three dollars per ticket would be enough to create $400 million for the project capital, according to Portune. There is also a chance construction for Brent Spence Bridge could be paid for by the project funds because the train would run over the bridge.

Specifics of the project are yet to be determined; things like where the station would be located downtown, who is going to run it, how it's going to operate, and how much it would cost to operate it. 

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