Memorial built outside Lockland business owned by man found murdered


LOCKLAND, OH (FOX19) - James Rolman's memory is being remembered by community members through a makeshift memorial that's popped up at his Lockland business, Hirschberg Scrap Metal.
Rolman's body was found Saturday, shot to death in his car.  He was last seen on Friday withdrawing $6,500 from a US Bank location near his business.

The entrance to the business how now become a memorial in his honor lined with flowers, candles and ribbons with heartfelt messages tied to the chainlink fence.
"He put a smile on my face every single time I saw him.  Every single time," said Annette Overstreet, a friend of Rolman.
Overstreet knew Rolman very well.  He helped her family find their home, as well as employed her husband.  But, to them, he was much more than that.
"They had a great relationship.  It's like he lost his best friend even though he's his boss," said Overstreet.
For those visiting the memorial, they are able to take a long, white ribbon, write their name and message, say a prayer and tie it to the fence.  While the news of Rolman's death is the hardest part to take, finding the words to describe has been easy for some.
"He would help anybody...anybody, if you needed something," said Overstreet.
"He was an outstanding man.  He would've given you the shirt off his back," said Benny Bowman, who knew Rolman.
Bowman lives down the street from Rolman's business.
"It's so close to home, you know?  You never know any more if you're going to walk outside and take a foot off your steps and be robbed," Bowman told FOX19.
He knows Rolman's business very well, too.  He's been trading scrap metal there for years.  As well as he knows the business, he knew Rolman even better.
"It'll be hard to come in the gate and not see Jim," Bowman said.
Rolman's body was found Saturday not far from his business, less than a mile away.  He was found shot to death in his car in a silo at an abandoned trucking company.

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