Cranley nominates Baltimore CFO for city manager

Harry Black, Mayor Cranley's choice for city manager (provided photo)
Harry Black, Mayor Cranley's choice for city manager (provided photo)

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Mayor John Cranley announced his choice for city manager in a tweet Wednesday morning as Harry Black, director of finance for the city of Baltimore.

According to the mayor's office, Cranley must present candidates for council to consider for the position. Cranley will submit the names of both Black and interim City Manager Scott Stiles.

The candidate approved by city council will take the position vacated by Milton Dohoney, who resigned as city manager in December after Cranley took office.

According to the Baltimore Sun, Black was named the director of finance for the city of Baltimore in 2012.

Several council members are in favor of Black.

"He is a man that knows what he wants, he sets high standards, and when he sets a direction he is going to move that institution in that direction," said Councilmember Christopher Smitherman.

Black has also spent time in Richmond, Virginia, working as the chief financial officer. There, he gained the nick name "pitbull" for his no-nonsense style.

"I think that attitude of really trying to be forceful and get things done, in some ways, actually acted to his detriment at times.  There were people on city council that didn't like Harry.  There were people on the school board that didn't like Harry," said Ray Daudani of NBC12, who covered Black during his time in Richmond.

Councilmember Kevin Flynn says the 'pit bull' reputation will be a good thing.

"I want someone who is not going to accept the status quo. That is going to be looking for continuous improvements, that is not going to be accepting of something and is going to be digging into the issues in attempting to make them better," Flynn said.

Thursday a press conference will take place at 10 a.m. where Cranley will introduce Black. He will also answer questions from the media.

Should the council vote Black into the city manager position, interim city manager Scott Stiles will become the assistant. city manager.

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