East Price Hill fight caught on camera, no charges filed

Dozens of people were involved in the fight, which was caught on cell-phone video (FOX19)
Dozens of people were involved in the fight, which was caught on cell-phone video (FOX19)

EAST PRICE HILL (FOX19) - Shocking video posted to Facebook shows a melee breaking out between teenagers in an East Price Hill neighborhood.

The fight happened last week near the intersection of Glenway and Purcell Avenue.

Police say only one call came in regarding the incident, and they eventually showed up and calmed everything down, but not before it was all caught on video.
"That was crazy to me, it was unnecessary," said Elaine Rich.
Elaine Rich is known as the "neighborhood nanny."  Rich says she's always inviting kids from her street to come over and play and she watched the horrific scene unfold.
"I hope it's over with because I don't think I could see that another day. Fighting, kicking, blood, that was unnecessary. Kids are dying too soon now as it is and I hope this doesn't cause another one or somebody gets killed," said Rich.

With social media all the buzz today, many are concerned with people's priorities, especially when it comes to a situation like this.

"Nobody is calling the police, everybody is posting it online, it's just real disturbing," said Daneisha Lyles.

"They had the cell phones up in the air and everybody all hyped up, 15 and 16 year old kids," said Rich.

Daneisha Lyles wasn't around to see the fight, but Wednesday took a minute to watch the video for herself. She says it's awful to see adults standing around rather than stepping in.

"I'm hoping we can come together in our community and make it better for our children, but acting like that you have little kids running around. What type of example of example are we setting for our generation under us," said Lyles.

Once police dispatch did receive the call, an officer responded in a matter of minutes, but Lyles says there needs to be more police presence to prevent this senseless brawl.

"They need to be more out in the neighborhoods where there's crime happening, violence," said Lyles.

This is similar to a case involving teenage girls fighting in Hamilton, Ohio earlier this month. Initially no charges were filed, but the video went viral on Facebook and eventually two teens and an adult were charged.

Police say they're still reviewing the video of the brawl but no charges have been filed at this time.

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