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Reality Check: How the GOP lost the minority vote

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Kentucky Senator and potential 2016 presidential candidate Rand Paul was among the big name speakers at last week's annual Urban League conference here in Cincinnati. It's really no surprise Paul accepted the invitation: if he runs for president he'll be asking for votes from an African American community that's turned its back on his party.

Given what's happened to the Republican Party over the past decade it's almost hard to believe that for more than sixty years, from Lincoln to FDR, the GOP was the party of choice of the African American community.

However, since George Bush's re-election in 2004 republican presidential candidates haven't been able to muster more than single digit supportIn fact, since 1960 no Republican has won more than 15 percent of the black vote.

So why has the African American community abandoned the GOP?

FOX19 turned to Dr. Michael Fauntroy for answers. Fauntroy is a professor at Howard University and the author of the book Republicans and the Black Vote.

"Who is it that's supporting voter ID bills? Who is it that's trying to cut back on social spending and education spending? Who is the party that's constantly demonizing African Americans in public? You add it all up and it's clear that the Republican Party walks on a different side of the street than the overwhelming majority of black people," Dr. Fauntroy says.

Meanwhile, the same cannot be said about the democratic party's current front-runner. Last month's NBC/Wall Street Journal survey regarding potential 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton says she enjoys an 82 percent approval rating among black voters.

The bigger picture looks even bleaker for the GOP: In a recent Gallup survey, minority support for the republican party sits at just 11 percent, and that's for all minorities. It's yet another challenge for the GOP - winning over minorities who are not African Americans.

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