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Bracelet could save family members with Alzheimer's


After two men suffering from Alzheimer's were located after they went missing this week in South Georgia, experts want you to know how you can protect your loved ones.

"Despite all the precautions we take, sometimes they get away," said Nancy Goode with the Alzheimer's Outreach Center.

Dougherty County officers spent hours this week searching from land and air for 71-year-old Ronald Sutton Hausman who suffers from Alzheimer's.

They luckily found him the next morning alone and in a wooded area. He was okay. Experts say these types of situations happen often.

"It's a team effort with the community, the caregivers, with law enforcement to try to prevent these. Because they could turn into a tragedy," Captain Thomas Jackson, of Dougherty County Police.

But there are ways for you to protect your loved ones. Goode says a great option is a Medic Alert Safe Return Bracelet. The locator bracelet lists medical information and could be easily recognized by passersby or police. Goode says it could be a vital form of communication.

"A lot of times if someone is wandering around, they don't know their address," said Goode. "Sometimes they don't even know their name. Some dementia patients have lost all communication ability, as well and they can't tell you anything."

The bracelets are designed to be difficult to remove. They're often put in place of a watch or jewelry the person is used to wearing.

But if bracelets aren't the right option for your family, then authorities say it's best to find another form of identification in case they do go missing.

The bracelets run around 50 dollars, but there are Scholarships available through the Alzheimer's Association.

You can get more information by contacting the Alzheimer's Outreach Center of Albany at 229-432-2705 or click HERE.

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