Decision expected this week on Save Our Icon ballot initiative

Cincinnati Music Hall (Photo: FOX19)
Cincinnati Music Hall (Photo: FOX19)
Save Our Icons is an initiative to save the Cincinnati Music Hall and Union Terminal (Photo: FOX19)
Save Our Icons is an initiative to save the Cincinnati Music Hall and Union Terminal (Photo: FOX19)

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Hamilton County Commissioners will decide August 6th whether to put a quarter cent sales tax on the ballot to help raise more than 300 million in renovations needed for Music Hall and Union Terminal.

This weekend, organizers used the Lumenocity event to bring awareness to the need for repairs at both historic buildings. Spectators could park for free at Union Terminal and take a shuttle to Music Hall. Save Our Icon organizers also sold t-shirts for $10. All the proceeds went to renovations for both buildings.

"When else are you going to get 60,000 people to come to you and engage with you and hear your plan?" said Chaz Wiederhold, Grassroots Campaign Manager for "Save Our Icons."

While thousands of Hamilton County citizens have shown their support, it is up to the county commissioners to put the quarter cent sales tax on the ballot. It is money organizers say would save iconic music hall and union terminal.

"It's just a coincidence that Lumenocity is happening at the same time this vote is happening. But we hope that people will see that we are shining a light on this beautiful building. We are bringing attention. We are raising awareness.  It's in need of attention," said Chris Pinelo with the Cincinnati Orchestra.

Some commissioners are still not convinced. Commissioner Greg Hartmann says he needs several questions surrounding the proposed plan answered before putting it on the ballot.

As for organizers, after months of hard work, they hope it pays off.

"When it comes to what are the commissioners thinking, I hardly have enough time to read the newspapers. I'm just going to keep on working hard until Wednesday," said Wiederhold.

Organizers say if the sales tax is put on the ballot, they will immediately start the push for voters to approve it.

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