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Supporters, opponents of gay marriage rally downtown

Pro-gay marriage supporters on Fountain Square. (FOX19) Pro-gay marriage supporters on Fountain Square. (FOX19)

Hundreds sported gear all in favor of gays at Fountain Square, while just as many opposed to same-sex marriage rallied nearby.

"If I am allowed to marry the love of my life, why can't they," said Shawan Hudson, wearing a shirt saying ‘I am straight but not narrow.'

The rallies were held in downtown Cincinnati only a few blocks away from the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals where judges heard arguments about marriage equality in Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan and Tennessee.

Joshua and Stephen Synder-Hill, a gay couple who were married in Washington D.C. in 2011, said the Ohio court ruling is about more than getting their marriage recognized in the state, they say it's a fight for civil rights.

"I need Ohio to recognize that if I want to have kids then I want to have protection from my children. If I die, I want to be buried next to him [Joshua]," said Stephen.

A block away from the rally in favor of gay marriage, a very different rally cry was heard, not in favor of ‘love being equal.'

"Well of course you love, that doesn't mean you get to have the whole concept of that you are the building blocks of society," said Jane Hoffman, against same-sex marriage.

Hoffman and others not in favor of gay marriage prayed the Lord's Prayer, clenching the Rosary. They say they believe in ‘natural marriage,' a type of union the people voted for.

"What's the point of citizens voting, it goes on the ballot and citizens vote for it, then we have a judge come in, who has a personal opinion and implements it," said Paula Westwood, against same-sex marriage.

Both protests respectful of one another, but with belief systems keeping them divided. 

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